(Nederlands) Quiz t.v.v. Living Waters Village Borneo


Zaterdag 20 februari 2021 om 20u00

Online quiz via YouTube Live en Kahoot.
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Ronny & Kay Heyboer

Ronny & Kay Heyboer serve the Lord among the Dayaks in West Kalimantan on the island of Borneo. Their main work is church planting, raising up leaders, reaching and teaching children, and giving practical assistance wherever possible…


Our Vision

  • We have purchased 300 hectares of land (700-800 acres) in the jungle and commenced an extensive building project which will provide accommodation for 1,000 neglected children and schools for 2,000 children, from primary to high school level, workers’ and teachers’ accommodation, training centre, Praise & Worship centre, clinic, bakery, administration building, a nursery for the babies, visitors quarters, radio station, sewing rooms and Bible College.
  • Apart from children having their physical needs met and receiving an education, they will also be fed and trained spiritually. We equip these young people so that they can return to their villages as well as go into other villages that are unreached, plant churches and bring the gospel to their people.
Accomodation for children
Education for children

Book – Miracle zone

By Ronny Heyboer and Donald Sheley.
Crawling under the thick jungle undergrowth, I had to cross a small stream before reaching the village. Then I spotted a White Man bathing in the crystal clear water running down from the mountains. He offered me his hand – I don’t know why, but I felt perhaps I could trust this man; he might be different, he might even care…


Ezra’s story

I first saw Ezra in a village that I was visiting in 2001. He was severely malnourished. On investigation I discovered that he was an orphan and was mostly left to fend for himself. He often slept in an unused chicken coop and was occasionally given some food by an old lady in the village. The chief of the village gave me permission to take him home. On closer examination his skin was covered in scabies and an x-ray showed that he was suffering from tuberculosis. He weighed 9kg and was about 6 years old. The doctor said that if he didn’t receive medical treatment he would have about a week to live. Ezra completed the course of medication for TB that went for about 9 months. His skin was treated for the scabies. He is still with us today, is a healthy weight and has grown, loves the Lord and is enjoying school and being a part of our large household. We are helping many more children like Ezra.


Mandis’s story

We found Mandis in one of the villages in the jungle. He was a very sick boy with major kidney problems most likely due to a very poor diet for most of his life. Through our medical aid we have been able to stabilize his condition and are witnessing a wonderful change. There is a great need here for medical aid. Through our clinic and hospital we hope to be able to rescue and help many more lives like Mandis.

Flight over Living Waters Village